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The Prime Minister also called for commitment to build oneself as a patriot - Rangpurpost
September 18, 2021, 10:16 am

The Prime Minister also called for commitment to build oneself as a patriot

  • Update Time : Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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Stating that the government is working to protect the airspace in its own capacity, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “We have a desire to build warplanes in Bangladesh. I believe that I will be successful in this case too. Therefore, I am preparing to do research on it and protect the airspace myself. I am working to take 10 more steps forward in protecting and defending the independence and sovereignty of the country.

He made the remarks at a ceremony to hand over national flags to 11 squadrons and 21 squadrons of the Air Force on Tuesday (February 23rd). The Prime Minister joined the video conference from Ganobhaban. Chief of Air Staff, senior government officials and top officials of the Air Force were present at the time.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh Air Force has a glorious history. Responding to the call of the Father of the Nation, the Air Force took part in the great liberation war shoulder to shoulder with the common people. They have attacked numerous targets in Pakistan. The nation will always remember the courage they showed even with limited strength.

He further said that after independence, the father of the nation dreamed that Bangladesh would be prosperous from all sides. From that dream he built an armed force with limited resources. He especially built modern aircraft. Go through the Defense Policy of Bangladesh-1974. In that light we are building the armed forces. I am working to modernize the defense sector of the country and take it a few steps forward. Today, the Bangladesh Air Force has established a respectable position at home and abroad.

Addressing the members of the Air Force who received the national flag, the Prime Minister said it was a matter of pride and honor to be eligible to receive the national flag. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the quality of this flag. I think you will always be ready to accept this supreme sacrifice to protect this dignity and the independence and sovereignty of the country.

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